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Recommending RootsTech 2014, SLC

Dennis Brimhall's story of his Father in WWII  .

Dennis Brimhall’s story of his Father in WWII .

I had such a great time at RootsTech in 2013 that I can’t wait to see what’s coming in 2014. Last year, Dennis Brimhall’s Keynote speech blew me away.  He gave the ultimate Family History story and experience. His daughter had done the research on his father’s (her grandfather’s) experience in the War (WWII) and even published a book of the story – now captured forever.  Dennis’ father had been in the U.S. Army Air Core in 1943 and was a co-pilot in a B 24 assigned to bomb Germany. In their ninth mission they had a good position in the formation as they took off but nevertheless were shot down. Dennis’ father and one other man were able to parachute to safety – the only survivors.  Dennis even included actual photographs of the horrific experience of the attack on his father’s plane. It just left me wanting more for my own family ties.

The classes I attended were very helpful. I found encouragement on how to start using WordPress to blog and since then I actually started one!  Another class I benefited from was  about “free photo-editing websites”. It got me (and the rest of the audience) very excited about trying out some of the features. The teacher reviewed the basics and explained those funny looking icons for photo editing.  Now I understand what I can do to improve my pictures! What she taught us is free online! Wonderful!  Other classes I took encouraged me in my family history research which is always helpful. They rekindled the fire and gave me new direction.

I, like so many others, am a shopper, which made the Exhibit Hall a candyland for me. I picked up RootsTech 2013_Saturday-61_thumbnail (1)materials from Stampin’ Up and new software called Evidentia – it’s supposed to help me track my research and make better conclusions about my discoveries. I appreciated the help I received from Pictureline concerning old photos in my collection that are stuck together. They advised me on the solution I need to fix the problem. I’m still getting up courage to do this one.

So my experiences from the past RootsTech just gets me excited to see what’s in store this year. It will be in a much bigger space at the Salt Palace in Salt Lake City. In this case, bigger will be better. And don’t forget, part of the fun is seeing your friends there who have the same passion you do!

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